Updated: Nov 24, 2020


The UK Government's measures to avoid a second wave are changing on a regular basis. These stricter measures can cause confusion to businesses and customers alike. What was allowed last week, now breaks the rules, and can potentially lead to fines or in some cases business closure.

At this confusing time for everyone, it is Beronna's aim to explain the intrinsic value of marketing, and how it can be used to manage this demanding and historic shift in consumer behaviour.

So, why is it essential to have a website during the #pandemic?

1. Websites are the new high street window

According to the Office for National Statistics, high street retail employment fell in more than three-quarters of local authorities between 2015 and 2018, suggesting that the high street was in trouble well before #Covid19. As the high street popularity dwindles and Covid 19 restrictions minimize capacity and reduce opening hours, there is one aspect of the internet to always bear in mind…its open 24/7.

Your website will be the key component in displaying crucial information to your customers. Alongside products, services, opening hours can add Covid-19 related updates that may affect your customers at short notice.

In many cases it doesn’t mean that you have lost your customers, simply that a digital alternative may be needed.

2. You need to keep up with the competition

Many businesses would argue they have never had a website before and they have been successful…so why would they need one now? Our response to this is simple – times are changing. Research completed by Internet Matters found that in 2020 the average age a child receives their first phone is just 10. Demonstrating a generational shift and the bottom line? we all need to get tech savvy.

If you want to remain competitive in your field, an attractive, user-friendly and up to date website will certainly be a positive move for your customers and therefore your business.

3. Ease of access and contact

We have all been in the situation where you need to contact your hairdresser, solicitor or dry cleaner…but you don’t have the number directly to hand. Ask yourself on how many of those occasions have you used a search engine to find the name of the company and call them directly from either the search engine or the website? We are guessing quite a few.

If your business can be found easily online, whether in search engines, directories or social media, you are essentially opening various methods of contact for your customers.

According to Hobo Web 47% of customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, with 40% giving up after just three seconds. Patience is a virtue, but not online if your business is not accessible or contactable it can unknowingly put customers off.

A website with quick loading times, online chat, email access and telephone number provide your customers multiple options that fit in with their preferred method of contact.

We appreciate that most businesses will be pleased to see the back of 2020 and are hoping for much better times in the future.

Here at #Beronna, we will continue to provide marketing insights that could help your business now and going forward, supporting clients both old and new.

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